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 UMSDC collaborates with U.S. Embassy in hosting U.S. Ambassador's Talk
on 'Why Climate Change Matters to You' by H.E. Brian D. McFeeters: 

Date: 1 December 2022 (Thursday)
Time: 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm
Venue: Auditorium Rimba Ilmu UM
Engagement: 90 staff and student leaders

UM Sustainability and Development Centre (UMSDC) and the International Relations Centre (IRC) received a special request from the United States of America (U.S.) Embassy in Kuala Lumpur to jointly hosted an inaugural talk by His Excellency Brian D. McFeeters, the U.S. Ambassador to Malaysia. One of the aims of this talk is to give exposure to youth leaders, especially from UM, on the crucial topic of climate change.

The talk shared why climate change matters to youth, the US commitment and action to combat the climate crisis, and the embassy's engagements, including U.S./Malaysia joint effort, on climate change and the environment. A total of 90 staff and mostly student leaders from UM and its counterpart, which include NGOs and civil society groups, attended this talk.


Professor Dr. Nik Meriam Nik Sulaiman (Advisor of UMSDC), Dr. Noor Suzaini Mohamed Zaid (Coordinator of EcoCampus@UM), and Dr. Yong Kien Thai (Coordinator of Rimba Ilmu) represented the UM members in welcoming the U.S. Ambassador and his entourage to the campus. H.E. Ambassador and team are also accompanied for a brief tour of the Rimba Ilmu Gallery and exhibition. The talk is moderated by Associate Professor Dr. Zeeda Fatimah Mohamad, Director of UMSDC. 

On behalf of UM, we thank U.S. Embassy for their generous support and invitation in hosting this remarkable event on climate action! We look forward to more engagement and partnership with the U.S. Embassy, especially on climate action and carbon-neutral/net zero. We thank all UM members for their support in making this event a meaningful one: IRC, Rimba Ilmu, UM Security Division, and Corporate Communications Centre (CCC). 

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