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UM Sustainability Student & Voluntary-Led Group

Catalyzing student action on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and improving student understanding of the SDGs will be crucial to meeting the SDGs. At Universiti Malaya (UM), students are given the opportunity to lead a group (be it a secretariat, club, or society) either centralized at the Student Affairs Department (HEP) or more focused on their respective faculties, academies, departments, or centers. 

University students can contribute in various ways to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Here are some examples:

  1. Research: Students can engage in research projects that address specific SDGs. They can explore innovative solutions, conduct studies, and analyze data to generate knowledge and insights that contribute to achieving the goals.

  2. Awareness and Advocacy: Students can raise awareness about the SDGs among their peers and the wider community. They can organize events, workshops, and campaigns to promote understanding and action on the goals. This includes advocating for sustainable practices and encouraging others to participate in related initiatives.

  3. Education and Skill Development: Universities can incorporate SDGs into their curriculum, ensuring students gain knowledge and skills related to sustainable development. This equips them with the tools to contribute effectively to the goals of their future careers.

  4. Social Entrepreneurship: Students can develop entrepreneurial ventures that align with the SDGs. Creating businesses or projects that address specific challenges contribute to sustainable economic development and advancing the goals.

  5. Volunteering and Community Engagement: Students can actively engage with local communities and organizations working towards the SDGs. They can participate in volunteer programs, community service projects, or internships directly contributing to sustainable development efforts.

  6. Sustainable Practices on Campus: Students can promote and practice sustainable behaviors on campus, such as reducing waste, conserving energy and water, and promoting recycling. They create an environment that aligns with the SDGs by championing sustainable practices within their university community.

  7. Collaboration and Partnerships: Students can collaborate with faculty, researchers, NGOs, and other stakeholders to undertake projects and initiatives focused on the SDGs. By leveraging diverse expertise and resources, they can create a more significant impact and promote cross-sector collaboration.

University students can contribute to the SDGs through their research, education, advocacy, entrepreneurial activities, community engagement, and sustainable practices. By actively participating in sustainable development efforts, they play a vital role in advancing the global agenda for a more sustainable and equitable future.

The following lists are several UM students or voluntary groups related to sustainability (social, economy, and environment - please be informed that this list is not exhaustive):
1.    UM Zero Waste Campaign (UMZWC) on Waste Management HERE
2.    Water Warriors UM on Water Management HERE

3.    The Rimba Project 2.0 on Biodiversity & Greening Initiative HERE

4.    Imarah Eco-Friends Surau Academy of Islamic Studies (IEF APIUM) on Education for Sustainable Development via Quran and Hadith teachings HERE

5.    UMCares Club HERE
6.    Science and Studies Club, Faculty of Science UM HERE 
7.    UM UNESCO Club (UMUC) on Environment, Education and Peace HERE
8.    AIESEC in UM on SDGs HERE
9.    Total of 8 UMCares Squads on various domains of sustainability: (Source: https://myumcares.um.edu.my/umcares-squad - administered by UMCares – UM Community Engagement Centre)
i.    ASTAR Cares (1st Residential College) HERE 
ii.   Secolian Cares (2nd Residential College) HERE
iii.   Kurshiah Cares (3rd Residential College) HERE 
iv.   Bestari Cares (4th Residential College) HERE 
v.    Fifth Cares (5th Residential College) HERE
vi.   Avicenna Cares (6th Residential College) HERE
vii.   Za'ba Green Nature (7th Residential College) HERE
viii.  Royal Cares (12th Residential College) HERE
18.  EcoLawgy UM of Faculty of Law UM HERE
19. SEKRUM (UM Volunteers Secretariat) c/o Student Affairs Division (HEP) HERE
20. Persatuan Mahasiswa Istimewa Universiti Malaya (PERMIUM) – Student Society with Special Needs UM HERE
21. UM Geography Society (PGUM) HERE
22. UM History Society HERE
23. UM Economics Society (PEKUMA) HERE

24. UM Built Environment Society HERE

25. UM Anti Corruption Students Force (AMAR)  HERE

26. University of Malaya Future STEM Educators’ Society (UMFUSE) HERE
27. Civil and Environmental Engineering Club HERE
28. Malaya Electrical Students Association (MESA) HERE

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