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Campus Sustainability Final Year Project (FYP) @ Universiti Malaya 2023/2024
Theme: Just Net-Zero and SDGs

Welcome to the inaugural signature program: Campus Sustainability Final Year Project (FYP) at Universiti Malaya, where innovation meets sustainability! Embark on a journey with us as we delve into the theme of "Just Net-Zero and SDGs" – a powerful initiative that blends the pursuit of carbon neutrality with a commitment to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Project Overview:
Our FYP aims to redefine sustainability on campus by integrating the principles of justice, net-zero emissions, and the SDGs. At the heart of our endeavor is the belief that a sustainable campus should not only minimize its environmental impact but also contribute to social equity and economic progress.

Theme Highlights: Just Net-Zero & SDGs
Striving for net-zero emissions is at the core of our project. We are committed to adopting eco-friendly practices, renewable energy sources, and carbon offset strategies to achieve a harmonious balance between campus activities and environmental conservation. The "just" element emphasizes fair distribution of benefits and burdens, ensuring that no community is left behind in the journey towards sustainability.

Our selected FYPs are intricately woven into the fabric of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by are aligning our efforts with the broader global agenda for a more sustainable and equitable world.

Key Objectives:

  • To support Final Year Undergraduate Projects (FYPs) that can address campus sustainability issues at Universiti Malaya, in line with the UM Sustainability Policy, UM EcoCampus Blueprint and the university's Carbon Neutral Vision.

  • To train students in conducting responsible, action-oriented research and to be proactively involved in solving real world sustainability challenges.

  • To empower the role of students to accelerate UM’s transition towards a sustainable and just net-zero campus.

Join Us on the Journey:
We invite students, faculty, and stakeholders to join us on this transformative journey towards a "Just Net-Zero" campus that stands as a beacon of sustainability and social responsibility. Together, let's forge a path that not only mitigates our impact on the environment but also contributes meaningfully to a more just and equitable world.

As we embark on this final year project, we look forward to pioneering sustainable solutions that will leave an enduring impact on Universiti Malaya and set new standards for campuses worldwide. Let's build a future where sustainability is not just a goal but a way of life!
Application is opened from October 2023, closed on 4 November 2023

Heartiest Congratulations and Best Wishes to all
50 Best FYP Recipient List (Name of FYP Students & Titles according to Sustainability Clusters):

Details of 50 Best Selected Campus Sustainability FYP @ UM 2023/2024:

No Name of Project Leader (Supervisor) Name of Student Faculty Title
1 Dr. Yusmini Md. Yusoff Nurul Afiqah Hashim Academy of Islamic Studies  The Perception of Undergraduate Students on Self-Development Programmes at Universiti Malaya
2 Sr. Dr. Zuraini Md Ali Aileen Diasip Built Environment Mapping and Assessing Pedestrian Facilities in UM Campus For Zone A
3 Dr. Fong Chng Saun Muhammad Naufal Fadhlurrahman Institute for Advanced Studies Urban Heat Island Phenomenon in Hot Humid Cities- Microclimate Variations Between Green And Non-Green Urban Spaces.
4 Dr. Mohamad Rizal Baharum Muhammad Furqaan Mohd Rashid Built Environment Accessing Indoor Physically Active Buildings for A Healthy Workplace: A Case Study of Universiti Malaya Building
5 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Siti Hafizah Ab Hamid Fatima Zahra Ahmad Ariff Computer Science and Information Technology Personalized Dashboard for Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory
6 Dr. Leong Geok Wen Tan You Sheng Engineering Innovative Façade Solutions: A Case Study of Lightweight Concrete Façade in Block G, Department Of Civil Engineering, Universiti Malaya
7 Dr. Aimee Halim Noor Hasni Abdullah Arts & Social Sciences Analysis of coverage of green area in Universiti Malaya
8 Dr. Nuratiqah Aisyah Awang @ Mat Nawi Noorzulaikha Salimun Built Environment Achieving Net Zero Campus: Exploring Suitable Sustainable Transportation Choices and the Potentials in Reducing Parking Congestion and Ghg Emissions In UM Campus
9 Dr. Nurdiyana Zainal Abidin                    Chan Chong Wei                                                    Built Environment Revitalizing Universiti Malaya's Icon: Sustainable Pathway Design for Safe and Illuminated Tasik Varsiti through Kinetic Energy Harvesting
10 Dr. Najah Md Alwi Hassan Basri Ghani  Built Environment Green Infrastructure Networks: Strategies for Interconnected Urban Green Spaces for Enhanced Biodiversity Within Lingkungan Budi, Universiti Malaya
11 Dr. Asrul Mahjuddin Ressang Aminuddin Izatul Balqis Dianna A Gaffar Built Environment Elevating Sustainability: Universiti Malaya's Architectural Revolution for Flood-Resilient Campus Build
12 Ar. Dr. Hazrina Haja Bava Mohidin Megat Iskandar Najib Built Environment Striving for Sustainable Campus : A Focus on Green Building Principle at Universiti Malaya
13 Dr. Linda Shafarina Hassan Mizan Kamalina Mazlan Built Environment Missed Opportunities in Campus Design and Planning: A barrier to Achieve a Bicycle-Oriented Campus (Green & Sustainable)
14 Dr. Nurdiyana Zainal Abidin Shonashree A/P Elangovan Built Environment Striding Forward into Tomorrow's Adventure: Proposal for Kinetic Pathway Linkage for a Sustainable Community in UM
15 Dr. Liyana Hasnan Nurul Zalikha Zamani Built Environment Strategies for Balancing Heritage Authenticity and Sustainability Heritage Buildings in UM Upon Rehabilitation
16 Ar. Dr. Hazrina Haja Bava Mohidin Umie Nadia Jimmy Built Environment Balancing Heritage Preservation and Modern Architecture Through Design: Case Studies from UM's Historic Buildings
17 Dr. Linda Shafarina Hassan Dametia Netia David Built Environment Creating Connections: Fostering a Human-Centric Campus Environment at Universiti Malaya by Enhancing the Interstitial Spaces
18 Dr. Linda Shafarina Hassan Nurnazleen Natasha Suhaimi Built Environment Addressing the Student Housing Crisis: Converting Abandoned Urban Structures into Livable Spaces to Enhance Campus Communities in Universiti Malaya
19 Dr. Linda Shafarina Hassan Shiva Sanjayan Rajakumar Built Environment Applying Adaptive Resuse to All Unused or Abandoned Buildings in Universiti Malaya for Better Sustainability Development
20 Assoc. Prof. Sr. Dr. Norhayati Mahyuddin Lim Qian Yi Built Environment Developing maintenance strategy for Mould remediation in Hospital Buildings: Universiti Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC)
21 Sr Dr. Umi Kalsum Zolkafli @ Zulkifly Aisyah Qarirah Hijat Built Environment Sustainability of Adaptive Reuse Heritage Building At Universiti Malaya
22 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Norhanim Zakaria Heng Kar Lok Built Environment University campuses' sustainable future: Footstep Power Generation System
23 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Norhanim Zakaria Mohamad Arsyad Abdullah Built Environment Promoting Sustainable Mobility and Enhancing Pedestrian Safety: A Case Study of the Universiti Malaya.
24 Dr. Mastura Adam Azhar Reynard Sitompul Built Environment Encouraging a Pedestrian-Friendly and Carbon Neutral Environment: An Exploration in Connecting Walkable Spaces in UM Campus
25 Dr. Siti Soraya Abdul Rahman Shubass A/L Yogeswaran Computer Science and Information Technology Smart Waste Management System: An Iot-Based Approach For Automated Waste Classification And Bin Monitoring
26 Dr. Zati Hakim Azizul Hasan Kanegeswaran A/L M Sivam Computer Science and Information Technology Floating Waste Plastic Detection and Classification at Water Bodies near Universiti Malaya Using Drone and Machine Learning
27 Dr. Zati Hakim Azizul Hasan Muhammad Aizat Zabidi Computer Science and Information Technology Building Crack Detection and Classification for Wall Assessment through Drone Inspection and Deep Learning Techniques
28 Dr. Hema Subramaniam Ahmad Rifqi Fahrezi Computer Science and Information Technology UM Eco-Mobility: A Campus Sustainability Tracker
29 Dr. Zati Hakim Azizul Hasan Chew Yao Dong Computer Science and Information Technology An IoT-Enabled Sensing On Water Surface Robot To Predict Algae Concentration Level
30 Dr. Lo Yueh Yea (Janice) Davina Anne Rajah Education Enhancing Climate Education for a Sustainable World: Fostering Language Inclusivity with ESL-Focused Teaching and Multilingual Digital Resources
31 Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Ching Yern Chee Ilya Nazifa Nordin Amini Engineering Cellulose Nanofibers Extracted from Office Waste Paper as Reinforcement for Biodegradable Poly(vinyl alcohol) Hydrogel
32 Dr. Muhamad Fazly Abdul Patah Adi Anak Agustinus Sandi  Engineering Chemical Upcycling of Unwanted Plastic Waste into High-Value Liquid Products
33 Dr. Onn Chiu Chuen Tan Kheng Hong Engineering GHG Accounting For The Solid Waste Management System On Universiti Malaya Campus
34 Dr. Mohamad Fairus Rabuni Muhammad Qasim Abbas Zaidi Engineering Repurposing Spent Coffee Grounds for UM Campus Sustainability: Potential and Challenges as Dye Adsorbent
35 Ts. Dr. Saznizam Sazmee Sinoh Hay Yeong Chyi Engineering Energy Auditing and Environmental Retrofitting Of Um Heritage Buildings
36 Dr. Muhammad Khairi Faiz Ahmad Hairuddin Amar Fikry Mohd Aznan Engineering Rolling with Sustainability: Transforming Campus Paper Waste into Water-Soluble Toilet Rolls
37 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Nashrul Mohd Zubir Futra Hafiz Soleheen Md Fadzil Engineering Development and Implementation of a Novel Hybrid Evaporative-Radiative Cooling System for PV Modules Installed at UM
38 Dr. Suhana Koting Lee Kar Mun Engineering Investigating the Effects of Spent Coffee Grounds (Scgs) On the Properties of Hot Mix Asphalt Pavement
39 Dr. Suhana Koting Chow Kim Hong Engineering The Study On The Effect Of Electric Scooters As A Travel Mode In The Universiti Malaya Campus
40 Prof. Datin Ir. Dr. Bushroa Abd Razak Nadhirul Atiq Ruzali Engineering Fabrication durable nanostructures coating of Tin Dioxide doped with Titanium Dioxide to improve antifogging and self-cleaning properties in solar cell application.
41 Dr. Nurul Asyikeen Ab.Mutalib Noh Haiqal  Aripin Engineering Development of heatstroke treatment system based on thermoelectric device for energy efficiency.
42 Prof. Dr. Zamri Zainal Abidin Muhammad Naufal Syabil Mazlan Science Smart Iot-Based Recycle Bin for Waste Management
43 Dr. Muhamad Afiq Aziz Soon Kah Le Science Microbiological Analysis of Drinking Water from Vending Machines in Universiti Malaya Residential Colleges: Implications for Just Net-Zero Campus Initiatives
44 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bong Chui Wei Lai Chen Fang Science Profiling of Biochemical Content in Tropical Microalgae
45 Dr Norhidayah Mohd Taufek Netiish A/L Tharmaraja Science The Potential of Microalgae-Based Biofloc Technology for the Sustainable Tilapia Production in Ladang Mini ISB, Universiti Malaya.
46 Dr. Nazzatush Shimar Jamaludin Iman Daniel Omar Hakeem Science Developing Potential Chelating Agent in Attempt to Reduce the Level of Heavy Metals in Water
47 Dr. Siti Jariani Mohd Jani Dhayallan A/L Siva Balan Science A Comprehensive Study of Multifaceted Carbon Concentrations in Universiti Malaya’s Water Ecosystems.
48 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Geok Yuan Annie Tan Nurul Aqilah Rosli Science Isolation and characterisation of fungal contaminants in the Faculty of Dentistry
49 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Geok Yuan Annie Tan Ahmad Irsyadi Abdul Rahman Yap Science Characterisation and Identification of Anaerobic Bacteria from Anode Biofilm of Microbial Fuel Cell
50 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Khanom Simarani Venessa anak Julian Science Synthe+B13:I52sis and antimicrobial susceptibility test of mycelium-based bioplastics using kitchen-waste compost as a component of growing substrate.

Contact persons:
Project Leader - Dr. Kenneth Fung Hon Ngen (Faculty of Science) LL2023ECO010 kennethfung@um.edu.my 
Secretariat (UMSDC) - Mr. Mohd Fadhli Rahmat Fakri (Research Officer) fadhli@um.edu.my / umsdc@um.edu.my

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