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Recap 2023:
Circular Economy Discussion - Universiti Malaya x Theia International
to explore and promote sustainable practices within a circular economy framework

Universiti Malaya and Theia International joined forces to delve into an exploratory discussion on sustainable practices within the framework of a circular economy. The discussion, sought to explore opportunities to collaborate between both parties in the area of circular economy. Representatives from both engaged in insightful discussions, emphasizing the importance of embracing circular economy principles for a more sustainable future.

During the Circular Economy Discussion, both actively explored and exchanged ideas on how to implement sustainable practices within a circular economy framework. The focus was on minimizing waste, promoting recycling, and fostering a more holistic approach to resource management. By delving into the intricacies of circular economy principles, Universiti Malaya and Theia International aimed to contribute to a paradigm shift towards more sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

As the Circular Economy Discussion concluded, both Universiti Malaya and Theia International expressed their commitment to implementing the insights gained. It was not only served as a knowledge-sharing platform but also laid the foundation for future collaborative initiatives in sustainability.

Theia International was represented by: Ms. Anja Carron & Ms. Aznie Rahim
UM via Universiti Malaya Sustainability and Development Centre (UMSDC) was represented by: Ir. Dr. Khairunnisa Hasikin (representing UMSDC Director), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Noor Zalina Mahmood, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zul Ilham Zulkiflee Lubes, Dr. Zati Hakim Azizul Hasan, Dr. Nor Aishah Abdullah, and five members from UMSDC: Mr. Fadhli, Mr. Affan, Ms. Nuratikah, Mrs. Mairuz & Mr. Hisyamuddin.