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Assalamualaikum & Greetings to 
Universiti Malaya Campus Community

As part of our long-term commitment to reduce the amount of waste disposal to landfill, UM Zero Waste Campaign (UM ZWC) collaborates with our dedicated campus sustainability strategic partner - Department of Development & Estate Maintenance (JPPHB) and UM Sustainable Development Centre (UMSDC), we would like to introduce our new initiative of food waste separation at source at UM cafeteria. It has been identified that separation of food waste at source is an efficient way to reduce the amount of food waste sent to landfill, ultimately lowers the greenhouse gases that are generated from the improper management of food waste. Therefore, we have designated a special food waste bin with complete labels hoping that more food waste will be separated at UM cafeteria so more food waste can be treated / recovered at UM Zero Waste Campaign site converting food waste into organic compost. With this small act, we can reduce the environmental impact that is caused from the improper disposal of food waste to landfill.

It is proven that composting is one of the effective strategies to treat excessive amounts of food waste generated. UM ZWC has developed a successful biotreatment site for the past 10 years in UM campus, in order to support this green initiative, all you have to do is separate your food waste into the correct bin. Your cooperation and commitment to this program not only benefits the UM campus but also the whole world as we live under the same sky. Together we fight climate change issues that are caused by improper waste management!

UM Zero Waste Campaign (UM ZWC)
EcoCampus, UM Sustainable Development Centre