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The Universiti Malaya EcoCampus Living Lab is our signature UMLL program introduced in 2015. This program is planned strategically to embed the elements of action research and innovation activities into the real sustainability implementation with the goals of minimizing harmful environmental impact on campus according to the action plans stipulated in the Universiti Malaya Eco-Campus Blueprint (UMECB), launched in 2016. The UMECB comprises eight (8) core areas selected on the basis of UM’s daily operation that potentially contribute to sustainability and addressing environmental challenges.

The eight (8) core areas of UM Eco-Campus Blueprint (UMECB) are as follows:
i. CAUM 01: Landscape & Biodiversity Management
ii. CAUM 02: Waste Management
iii. CAUM 03: Water Management
iv. CAUM 04: Energy Management
v. CAUM 05: Transportation System Management
vi. CAUM 06: Green Procurement
vii. CAUM 07: Education Management - Environment & Climate Change
viii. CAUM 08: Change Management - Governance, Participation & Communication
*CAUM: Core Area of UM EcoCampus Blueprint (UMECB).

Moving forward, UMSDC seek to address in particular the following Core Areas deemed necessary and strategic to propel action plans toward a better sustainable
and eco-campus:
i. CAUM 04: Energy Management
ii. CAUM 05: Transportation System Management
iii. CAUM 06: Green Procurement

More information on UM Eco-Campus Blueprint (UMECB): HERE

List of previous 60 recipients of UM EcoCampus Living Lab Grant (action research) from 2015 - 2021: HERE

Congratulations to UM EcoCampus Living Labs Recipients Cycle 2023/2024

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1 UM EcoCampus Living Labs Grant LL2023ECO001 The Rimba Project 2.0: Ecosystem services of urban forest towards climate change mitigation Dr. Sarah
Abdul Razak
sarahrazak@um.edu.my Faculty of Science UM
2 UM EcoCampus Living Labs Grant LL2023ECO002 Smart and Sustainability Engineering Urban Farm for Food Security Dr. Fathiah
Mohamed Zuki
fathiahmz@um.edu.my  Faculty of Engineering UM
3 UM EcoCampus Living Labs Grant LL2023ECO003 Recycling of Polyethylene Terephthalate Wastes for Prosthetic Applications Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Nasrul Anuar Abd Razak nasrul.anuar@um.edu.my  Faculty of Engineering UM
4 UM EcoCampus Living Labs Grant LL2023ECO004 Electronic Waste Management: A Cost Effective Extraction of Precious Metals and Possible Rare Earth Elements Dr. Shahid Bashir shahidbashirbaig@um.edu.my HICOE-UMPEDAC
5 UM EcoCampus Living Labs Grant LL2023ECO005 Solar-Powered Smart Monitoring System for Occupancy and Energy Use in Lecture Rooms Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Hazlee Azil bin Illias h.illias@um.edu.my Faculty of Engineering UM
6 UM EcoCampus Living Labs Grant LL2023ECO006 Reduce the Electricity Usage by Adopting the Cooling-based Indoor Houseplants Assoc. Prof. Dr. Azzuliani Supangat azzuliani@um.edu.my Faculty of Science UM
7 UM EcoCampus Living Labs Grant LL2023ECO007 Develop a Sustainable Transport System in Universiti Malaya Campus Ir. Ts. Dr. Yuen
Choon Wah
yuencw@um.edu.my Faculty of Engineering UM
8 UM EcoCampus Living Labs Grant LL2023ECO008 Water Quality Prediction of UM Lake using Machine Learning Dr. Nazean Jomhari nazean@um.edu.my Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology UM
9 UM EcoCampus Living Labs Grant LL2023ECO009 Rainwater Garden Pilot Project in University Malaya Campus as an Onsite Building Stormwater Management Strategy Madam Ati Rosemary
Mohd Ariffin
aa_alambina@um.edu.my Faculty of Built Environment UM
10 UM EcoCampus Living Labs Grant LL2023ECO010 Piloting an Action-oriented Approach towards Operationalizing Responsible Research and Innovation towards Urban Sustainability for University FYP Projects Dr. Fung Hon Ngen kennethfung@um.edu.my Faculty of Science UM
11 UM EcoCampus Living Labs Grant LL2023CO011 Enhancing Food Waste Management Practices Among University Students: An Intervention Program Dr. Muhammad
Mehedi Masud
mehedi@um.edu.my  Faculty of Business and Economics UM
12 UM EcoCampus Living Labs Grant LL2023CO012 Reducing the carbon footprint in dentistry: easy and sustainable Dr. Nor Malina
drmalina@um.edu.my  Faculty of Dentistry UM
13 UM EcoCampus Living Labs Grant LL2023CO013 Developing Effective Social Media Content on Promoting Zero-Waste Practices and Reducing Single-Use Plastic Consumption in the Universiti Malaya Community  Dr. Nurulaini
Abu Shamsi
ainishamsi@um.edu.my Faculty of Science UM
14 UM EcoCampus Living Labs Grant LL2023CO014 Climate Superhero: Campus-led Climate Change Mitigation Campaign (CCMC) through Gamification  Dr. Nor Aishah
aishah.abdullah@um.edu.my   Faculty of Science UM
15 UM EcoCampus Living Labs Grant LL2023CO015 Unlocking the Keys behind Greater Adoption and Adaptation of E-sports Exergaming as a Low Carbon Sport and Exercise Alternative Dr. Maziah
Mat Rosly
maziahmr@um.edu.my  Faculty of Medicine UM
16 UM EcoCampus Living Labs Grant LL2023CO016 Motivating Sustainable Active Transport Behaviour among University Community in an EcoCampus Dr. Lim
Yin Cheng
yclim@um.edu.my Faculty of Medicine UM

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